Many people still don’t know much about NFTs. That's why the project's developer, allnft{lab} promises to clarify everything about this universe.

A Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a unique asset that establishes ownership over a digital property. A video, a song, an image, a real world experience, a virtual land… Any digital representation of something can be listed, collected and traded on a Blockchain as an NFT. The NFTs in this project are called Generative Drivers.

Blockchain is the technology used to document actions and trades on a network. This technology is named after the way data is organized into a chain of blocks.

The Generative Drivers are listed on the Ethereum blockchain, so every action or trade uses the ETH cryptocurrency. What makes this “virtual ledger” special is the security the blockchain provides.

Once listed on the network, an action cannot be undone, deleted or hidden - and each new block repeats the data of the previous ones.

Metamask is a digital wallet that used to buy cryptocurrencies and store funds and NFTs. In addition, it is used to validate your virtual presence on certain platforms.

Discord is an instant messaging social platform. Users can communicate through voice, video or text. It allows the creation communities called 'servers'. Inside the server are a few rooms and channels that can be accessed by the members. This platform stands out for its commitment to the security of its users' data. Seeking to unite Formula 1 lovers, allnft{lab} has a server available on Discord. The server has more than 1000 active members. Click here and join this community of motorsport enthusiasts!

Brazilian GP: The 50 Years Collection

The Brazilian GP: The 50 Years Collection, is the collection of NFTs that celebrates the 50 years of Formula 1 in Brazil. Conceived by the São Paulo Grand Prix and developed by the creative laboratory allnft{lab}, the collection consists in 5,050 NFTs (the Generative Drivers) that were generated through the random combination of layers illustrated by artists from the lab. All Drivers have traits in common, but none look the same. The tokens are sold in 5 lots of 1,010 and are listed and traded on the Ethereum Blockchain, through the ETH cryptocurrency.

Generative Driver is the name of the NFT from the Brazilian GP collection: The 50 Years Collection. This token grants access to a community of Formula 1 lovers around the world, and makes its holder eligible to receive a series of physical and digital benefits. Also, the Driver can be used as a profile picture.

The Brazilian GP: The 50 Years Collection represents the entry of the São Paulo Grand Prix on Web3. Around the Globe, other grand prizes have also joined the crypto world, and recently, Formula 1 itself has shown interest in being part of this universe. Purchasing a Generative Driver is being more than a motorsports fan, it is participating at the forefront of the sport in the digital scene. It is the opportunity to collect a rare and valuable item, eternal as the history of Formula 1, and which unites a select group around the future of the Grand Prix.

To collect one of the Brazilian GP: The 50 Years Collection’s token you must have a Metamask wallet with a sufficient balance in ETH, and follow the step-by-step instructions by clicking on the purchase button.

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